APROCO: A Programmable Coordination Broker

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The ultimate final version is out!

You can get my diplomathesis in gzipped Postscript format or you can get my diplomathesis in Adobe Acrobat format .

The converted LaTeX text is no longer available here. I had some troubles with the conversion and so the whole text looked awfully distorted. Sorry for any inconvenience.
I presented the first results of my diploma work to the group in the meeting of 27. May 1998. The presentation includes an introduction into the problem domain, the goals, a short description of the APROCO model, first results and further work.

You can get the slides from this presentation in Postscript format.

I presented an outline of this work during a visit of our group by Prof. Paolo Ciancarini from the University of Bologna, Italy.

You can get the slides from this presentation (February, 26. 1998) in PDF format.

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