Variable types

In this page you find all variable types currently supported in Dicto.
Variables must be described by at least one of the presented selection attribute.

MyVar = Package with name:"str"
MyVar = Class with name:"str", annotation:"@str", superClass:"str", type:"str"
MyVar = Method with name:"str", annotation:"@str", modifier:"str", returntype:"str", parameter:"str", containingClass:"str"
MyVar = Field with name:"str", annotation:"@str", containingClass:"str"
MyVar = File with path:"str"
MyVar = WebResource with url:"str", method:"str", content:"str", contentType:"str"
MyVar = XMLTag with file:"str", name:"str", attribute:"str", xpath:"str"
MyVar = XMLTagAttribute with file:"str",name:"str", value:"str", xpath:"str"

Selection attributes can be negated:
e.g.   MyVar = Package with name!:"str"

Attribute values can contain wildcards:
e.g.   MyVar = Package with name:"*x*z"

variables can be combined into sets:
e.g.   MySet = {Var1, Var2} except {Var3, Var4}