Recovering Inter-Project Dependencies in Software Ecosystems

Mircea Lungu, Romain Robbes, and Michele Lanza. Recovering Inter-Project Dependencies in Software Ecosystems. In ASE’10: Proceedings of the 25th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ACM Press, 2010. Details.


In large software systems, knowing the dependencies be- tween modules or components is critical to assess the impact of changes. To recover the dependencies, fact extractors analyze the system as a whole and build the dependency graph, parsing the system down to the statement level. At the level of software ecosystems, which are collections of soft- ware projects, the dependencies that need to be recovered reside not only within the individual systems, but also be- tween the libraries, frameworks, and entire software systems that make up the complete ecosystem; scaling issues arise. In this paper we present and evaluate several variants of a lightweight and scalable approach to recover dependencies between the software projects of an ecosystem. We evaluate our recovery algorithms on the Squeak 3.10 Universe, an ecosystem containing more than 200 software projects.

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