Evolutionary and Collaborative Software Architecture Recovery with Softwarenaut

Mircea Lungu, Michele Lanza, and Oscar Nierstrasz. Evolutionary and Collaborative Software Architecture Recovery with Softwarenaut. In Science of Computer Programmig (SCP) p. to appear, 2012. Details.


Architecture recovery is an activity applied to a system whose initial architecture has eroded. When the system is large, the user must use dedicated tools to support the recovery process. We present Softwarenaut — a tool which supports architecture recovery through interactive exploration and visualization. Classical architecture recovery features, such as filtering and details on demand, are enhanced with evolutionary capabilities when multi-version information about a subject system is available. The tool allows sharing and discovering the results of previous analysis sessions through a global repository of architectural views indexed by systems. We present the features of the tool together with the architecture recovery process that it supports using as a case-study ArgoUML, a well-known open source Java system.

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