Evaluating the dynamic behavior of Smalltalk applications

Roger Stebler. Evaluating the dynamic behavior of Smalltalk applications. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, April 2015. Details.


Since Smalltalk is a dynamically typed programming language it remain agnostic to variable types at compile time, and only take them into account at runtime. This gives more freedom to the developer, as one variable can take on radically different types during program execution. Lack of understanding of dynamic behavior of Smalltalk applications can lead to misleading conclusions about the presents of dynamic features such as duck typing. By instrumenting Smalltalk source code and tracking the different types that variables receive, we concluded that duck-typed variables account for around 1% of total variables. We gather this information using our tool named VariableTracker. We also present an analysis of usage patterns of duck-typed variables from our collected data.

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