A Polite Solution to Interact with EV3 Robots

Theodor Truffer. A Polite Solution to Interact with EV3 Robots. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, September 2016. Details.


Lego Mindstorms is a combination of hardware and software to build and program a variety of different Lego robots. The Evolution 3 (short EV3) represents the third generation of these promising robots. Besides Lego itself, plenty of other organisations, researchers and developers have designed software to interact with the EV3 robots, many of them with the target to teach Computational Thinking to amateur programmers, others to reach high functionality and open new possibilities. But although there are already a lot of existing projects, there seems to be a gap between the simple and visual learning programs, and the richer programming environments. Polite for EV3 closes this gap by combining the simple but nonetheless expressive object-oriented programming language Polite with powerful concepts like State Machines and Real Time Programming.

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