ClubAdmin — Implementing a Sports Club Event Manager

Dominik Fankhauser. ClubAdmin — Implementing a Sports Club Event Manager. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, November 2017. Details.


Today, no existing club management software offers clubs a possibility to organize the human resources at their events in an adequate way. Available applications do not provide organizing committees with enough functionality to ensure that tasks and responsibilities are distributed fairly between a club’s members over the course of a full season. Instead, clubs often rely on techniques such as e-mail and spreadsheets to keep track of the tasks at an event or the member collaboration throughout a season. The use of these simple techniques and processes increases the complexity for the responsible event managers. Their work needs more communication, takes more time, and is more error prone. On the other hand, club members need to keep in mind when and where they have to help at upcoming events as they do not have a way to look up this information except for contacting the responsible person directly. In this thesis we describe the web application ClubAdmin which has been developed for the floorball club Unihockeyteam Eggiwil1. Aside from member, sponsor, and open issue management modules, our system provides an event management module which is accessible to the board (as the event organizer) and to the club members. The club can manage all aspects of event management such that existing cumbersome workflows are fully replaced.

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