Personalized Autism Infographics: A Web Development Project with and for Autistic People

Sara Peeters. Personalized Autism Infographics: A Web Development Project with and for Autistic People. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, April 2018. Details.


Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition influencing a person’s social interaction, communication and sensory perception. Autistic people tend to need a certain level of structure and routine and can often be overwhelmed in day-to-day situations. The fact that autistic people experience the world differently and have different needs than the non-autistic majority often leads to misunderstandings and even conflict situations. So called autism id cards aim to help in such situations, where communication between those unfamiliar with autism and autistic people fails, as well as to raise awareness in general. Their usefulness is, however, limited by the fact that the autism spectrum is rather broad, and the explanations on the cards are very general. This project wants to build on the idea of autism id cards by developing a digitalized, personalizable version of them. It consists of a web app where autistic people can click and write together one or more personalized infographics and make them available to the people they choose through an automatically generated link, or save them on their phone. The project is iteratively developed in partnership with the psychiatric department of the hospital of Frutigen, Meiringen, Interlaken. The input of autistic adults, parents of autistic children, friends and caretakers as potential users is taken into account at various stages of the development through surveys and usability testing. Through the modularity of the infographics and the free text options in each module, the possibilities for personalization are endless. At the same time the preformulated statements, and the example infographics that can be used as a starting point for customization, provide enough guidance for users not to get lost. While the end result is not yet ready for large scale public use, it is a solid proof of concept with extensive functionality.

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