Reproducible moldable interactions

Mario Kaufmann. Reproducible moldable interactions. Masters thesis, University of Bern, April 2018. Details.


Object inspectors are tools that allow developers to explore the state of run-time objects. This exploration creates many interaction events between the developer and the inspector. Recording, saving and using those interactions directly in an inspector opens opportunities to reduce the amount of repetitive actions developers need to do during development and debugging. To make this possible we propose an inspector model that records developer interactions as first-class entities and uses them to reduce repetition. This is enabled through a model that uses a tree to keep track of an inspection session, and a recording infrastructure that allows each widget to decide how user interactions should be recorded. To validate this model, we identify several types of problems that can arise in object inspectors and show how they can be addressed if developer interactions are recorded by the inspector. For example, the new model allows developers to replay inspection sessions, restore partial navigation and generate code from an inspection session.

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