Modular Exceptions — A system for handling exceptions in a modular way

Patrick Indermühle. Modular Exceptions — A system for handling exceptions in a modular way. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, September 2018. Details.


Exception handling is an integral part of programming. However, it is often not written in a way that makes it easily reusable. We have found exception handling code to often be copy pasted across multiple catch blocks instead of being made into a method. We also found that there are certain patterns across different methods when it comes to exception handling. That is why reusable exception handling would be a helpful feature for software development. By creating Modular Exceptions we offer a solution that enables programmers to easily apply and reuse exception handling to multiple methods. We achieved this by analyzing the knowledge gathered in previous research about exception handling and performing our own research of exception handling in Smalltalk. We then studied different implementation approaches such as dynamically rewriting the source code and method wrappers until we found the optimal approach. Our final product is written in Java and uses AspectJ in order to dynamically insert try-catch blocks into methods and to add exception handling into already existing catch blocks. These handler blocks are compatible with many methods and classes, and the user only has to write a few lines of code to get a specific method covered.

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