Archiving in Small and Medium Enterprises

Marcel I. Chavez Panduro. Archiving in Small and Medium Enterprises. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, January 2019. Details.


Nowadays every company has to store almost every sheet of paper that is produced during its day-to-day business. In almost every process one or multiple documents have to be printed out to ensure correct book keeping. All these various papers have to be stored for over ten years. The amount of paper constantly grows over each working day and after a short period of time, this mass of files takes up a lot of space already and most of the companies need an extra storage room for these files. This kind of archiving could be avoided with the current technical possibilities. In this bachelor thesis I evaluate a valid approach and try to implement a simple digital archive. A lot of processes could be optimized especially when the company is already using an enterprise resource planning system. During the process of planning and developing I encountered multiple challenges and tried to describe different approaches for a solution. The result of this bachelor thesis was a working solution, however with some drawbacks and unfinished requirements.

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