Search Interface Implementation for a Learning Management System

Manuela Eschler. Search Interface Implementation for a Learning Management System. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, February 2019. Details.


The company Swissteach produces a Learning Management System (LMS) called Global Teach ®, which lacks a good search engine. This project is about the implementation of a search engine for an LMS, focusing on iteratively designing and evaluating the search interface. Two search interface prototypes with different approaches were tested by users of Global Teach. The first prototype is focused on ease of use and mimics the Google search interface, while the second prototype concentrates on supporting the user if the search fails to produce useful results. Based on the feedback of the testers, both prototypes were combined into one. The resulting search interface is initially simple, and provides features which can be enabled to refine the search results. These features aim to give the user the impression of being in charge, which can lead to a positive search experience.

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