Assessing and Improving the Software Quality of an iOS App Framework

Alain Stulz. Assessing and Improving the Software Quality of an iOS App Framework. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, February 2020. Details.


Creating and maintaining high-quality software is an essential topic in Software Engineering. While mobile application development is a relatively young discipline, it has evolved particularly rapidly. The quick pace requires complex mobile projects to be highly flexible and easily maintainable to stay relevant over time. In this thesis, we examine a framework designed to build iOS applications, which was created in the early 2010s and seems to have fallen behind in some areas. We answer "How can we assess the quality of our system?" by defining our understanding of software quality and subsequently collecting and analyzing data from several sources. In a second step, we address "How to improve the existing system’s quality?" through setting conventions for developers, performing maintenance, and refactoring specific areas in the code. In this context, we also explore different techniques to increase unit test coverage. Furthermore, we analyze the question "What would constitute a better software design?" by selectively rewriting parts of the system’s functionality. Finally, we take a look at the project’s future and recommend that the company should consider a rewrite over refactoring to better cope with changed software requirements and technology.

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