Analysis of Developer Information Needs on Collaborative Platforms

Mathias Birrer. Analysis of Developer Information Needs on Collaborative Platforms. Masters thesis, University of Bern, July 2020. Details.


Developer information needs are diverse, and so are the sources to satisfy those needs. Besides internal sources, developers frequently use external sources of information (e.g., Q&A sites, mailing lists). Researchers use data from these sources to gain insights into developer information needs and build solutions to support the development process. However, along with the opportunities, the diversity of external sources poses challenges for research. In this thesis, we identify and describe various external sources used by researchers to investigate developer information needs. We analyze the methodology of relevant literature to extract common practices, identify challenges, and assess data extraction and preprocessing reproducibility. To further increase knowledge about developer information needs and the process of analyzing these information needs, we conduct a case study about Code Comment Convention questions using data from multiple sources. The case study follows best practices identified in the relevant literature and is conducted with the help of a self-developed prototype tool. The prototype tool is designed to help researchers extract, manage, and preprocess a dataset from multiple sources in a documented and reproducible way.

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