Simple MLE Deployer — A simple (Web) Tool for exercising the Oracle Multilingual Engine

Julian Weyermann. Simple MLE Deployer — A simple (Web) Tool for exercising the Oracle Multilingual Engine. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, July 2020. Details.


Programming for relational database management systems with SQL and/or its various extensions and performing data analysis directly on the database is difficult. This comes from the fact that language support is limited. For example PL/SQL (in the case of Oracle) is not widely used and as a consequence there are not many libraries available for it. Oracle aims to resolve this issue with the Multilingual Engine (MLE for short) which is an extension of their relational database management system Oracle Database. MLE enables developers to use JavaScript or Python along with the associated libraries. However in its experimental state at version 0.3.0 of MLE the deployment of such JavaScript and Python code to the database is complicated and error-prone. As the support for JavaScript is more mature than the support for Python, the goal of this project is to simplify the deployment process of JavaScript source code to MLE, enabling developers to try out MLE without the need to know a lot about its internals. This is achieved by the creation of a small library which automates the deployment process almost completely. Alongside the library a website is available that interfaces with the library and further facilitates testing of MLE.

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