Modeling requirements artifacts in an IDE

Robert Niemiec. Modeling requirements artifacts in an IDE. Masters thesis, University of Bern, September 2020. Details.


A plethora of artifacts are available for practitioners to document and communicate requirements. Artifacts evolve as the requirements engineering (RE) process advances. Therefore, using numerous artifacts with various granularities of details they hold, causes problems like manual translation efforts and inconsistencies while reflecting requirements changes across artifacts. Furthermore, employing distinct tools for creation and management of artifacts only leads to fragmented knowledge, and eventually, traceability issues. In this thesis, we propose an approach to manage requirements related artifacts inside a single platform, i.e., the integrated development environment (IDE). First, we compiled a list of artifacts from a selection of studies. We performed a classification of the selected artifacts to reason about their characteristics and usage patterns. Towards providing a practical tool to illustrate our approach, we modeled a selection of artifacts in the Pharo programming environment. It serves as a centralized platform for creating, viewing, and managing requirements through a combination of selected artifacts. We speculate that such an approach can bring requirements specification closer to their implementation. Additionally, it will facilitate and support collaboration among diverse stakeholders by preserving their knowledge within a single tool.

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