Moldable requirements

Nitish Patkar. Moldable requirements. In Benevol’20, p. , , 2020. Details.


Separate tools are employed to carry out individual requirements engineering (RE) activities. The lack of integration among these tools scatters the domain knowledge, making collaboration between technical and non-technical stakeholders difficult, and management of requirements a tedious task. In this Ph.D. research proposal, we argue that an integrated development environment (IDE) should support various RE activities. For that, distinct stakeholders must be able to effortlessly create and manage requirements as first-class citizens within an IDE. With "moldable requirements," developers create custom hierarchies of requirements and build tailored interfaces that enable other stakeholders to create requirements and navigate between them. Similarly, they create custom representations of requirements and involved domain objects to reflect various levels of detail. Such custom and domain-specific representations assist non-technical stakeholders in accomplishing their distinguished RE related tasks. The custom interfaces make the IDE usable for non-technical stakeholders and help to preserve requirements in one place, closer to the implementation.

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