Interactive Visualizations for Software Duplication

Jonas Richner. Interactive Visualizations for Software Duplication. Masters thesis, University of Bern, January 2021. Details.


In large software systems usually about 5%-20% of the code is duplicated. Duplicated code can increase maintenance costs because it has to be maintained in multiple locations. There is a significant amount of research on visualizing software duplication to help reduce these costs. But in practice mostly basic visualizations are used and the more advanced visualizations proposed by researchers are not adopted by the software industry. We believe the reason for this is that visualizations from academic research rely on single stand-alone views that only support simple analysis tasks. To support more complex tasks, we propose a set of connected multi-view visualizations for inspecting software duplication. We follow the systematic approach of Bret Victor for building interactive visualizations to gain insight into a system. Results from our user study indicate that our prototype is easy to use in various clone analysis tasks, and helps users reason about the code at multiple levels of abstraction.

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