Implementing Mondrian in Glamorous Toolkit

Cyrill J. Rohrbach. Implementing Mondrian in Glamorous Toolkit. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, September 2021. Details.


Developers spend a lot of time reverse engineering software. To do this they often rely on reading the code, which is a slow and unscalable process. They rely on code reading because the environments used for the development are centered around the code editor and do not really offer other tools to help the developer understand the software. The goal of moldable development is to change this. The environment should provide tools to help the user understand software. In order to prevent the tools from not being suitable for the application, the developer should adapt and develop the tools alongside the software. Glamorous Toolkit is a new development environment based on Pharo and built around the philosophy of moldable development. One of the tools offered by Glamorous Toolkit to help understand a piece of software is a multipurpose visualization tool called GtMondrian. GtMondrian takes scripts and turns them into interactive visualizations. These scripts allow for endless customizability, but to do this the user has to know how the graphical elements of Glamorous Toolkit work. Since it takes time to familiarize oneself with those elements, this could well be something that prevents developers from using it to adapt the development tools, and therefore sabotages the concept of moldable development. We propose a tool similar to GtMondrian called CRMondrian. It has a lot of the same functionality with the major difference that the most commonly used customizations, such as changing the shape of the nodes within a graph, are done using builders. Therefore it just requires one simple keyword from the user and eliminates the need for the user to know how the graphical elements work.

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