Increasing stakeholder engagement with object cards

Artthik Sellathurai. Increasing stakeholder engagement with object cards. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Bern, March 2022. Details.


There exist several tools that enable domain experts to model a problem domain graphically. In this thesis, we investigated a selection of state-of-the-art graphical modeling tools to study their characteristics and to uncover their shortcomings regarding their support to engage multiple stakeholders. We observed that the existing graphical modeling solutions: (1) allow users to graphically specify domain entities and relationships between them, and (2) facilitate automatic code generation from the visual specifications. We observed limited support in selecting domain- specific graphical notations, and the code generation facilities offered by the existing tools are uni-directional only, i.e., from specification to code. Furthermore, we observed that the existing tools might be hard to master for non-technical stakeholders, as these tools require the user to have in-depth knowledge about the offered functionality. To tackle these limitations, we propose an approach to iteratively create domain models inside an integrated development environment (IDE). With our approach, non-technical stakeholders can graphically create actors of any domain as first-class citizens and iteratively give them behavior. Developers create custom graphical notations suitable for non-technical stakeholders. We demonstrate a prototype implementation that demonstrates our approach in the Glamorous Toolkit IDE with a case study.

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