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  1. Holger Bär and Oliver Cuipke. Exploiting design heuristics for automatic problem detection. In Serge Demeyer and Jan Bosch (Ed.), Object-Oriented Technology (ECOOP '98 Workshop Reader), LNCS 1543, Springer-Verlag, July 1998. 
  2. Igor Metz. Finding Neighbours in d-dimensional Binary Digital Images Represented by Bintrees. In Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery, Grenoble, September 1994. 
  3. Simon Moser. Ein QS-System fuer objektorientierte Software-Entwicklung. In INFORMATIK, SVI/FSI, Zuerich, p. ?, SI, December 1994. 
  4. Stéphane Ducasse, Alexandre Bergel, François Schnell, Noury Bouraqadi, and Serge Stinckwich. Des idees puissantes dans la classe — Utilisation de Squeak pour l'amelioration de l'apprentissage des mathematiques et des sciences (traduction de Powerful Ideas in the Classroom). French translation of Powerful Ideas in the Classroom by B.J. Allen-Conn and Kim Rose. 
  5. Ake Wallin, Simon Moser, and Alfred Graber. Wiederverwendung mit Smalltalk in Client/Server Applikationen. In INFORMATIK, Zuerich, SVI/FSI, February 1996. 
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