Industrial Validation

Architectural rules are often defined but rarely tested. Current tools offer limited functionality and often require significant effort to be configured, automated and integrated within existing platforms. We propose a platform that aims at reducing the overall cost of setting up and maintaining an architectural conformance monitoring environment by decoupling the conceptual representation of a user-defined rule from its technical specification prescribed by the underlying analysis tools. The user is no longer expected to encode her constraints according to the semantics of the chosen tool, but can use a simple high-level DSL that is automatically compiled to an executable specification through custom adapters developed to support the interaction with existing off-the-shelf tools.


  1. Andrea Caracciolo, Mircea Lungu, Oskar Truffer, Kirill Levitin, and Oscar Nierstrasz. Evaluating an Architecture Conformance Monitoring Solution. In Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Workshop on Empirical Software Engineering in Practice (IWESEP), March 2016. DOI PDF 
  2. Andrea Caracciolo. A Unified Approach to Architecture Conformance Checking. PhD thesis, University of Bern, March 2016. PDF 

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