With HELVETIA we explore a lightweight approach to embed new languages into the host language. The approach reuses the existing toolchain of editor, parser, compiler and debugger by leveraging the abstract syntax tree (AST) of the host environment. Different languages cleanly blend into each other and into existing code.

Getting Started

To get started you can either use a ready-made one-click image (suggested), or try to load the code yourself.

One-Click Image

  1. Download the Helvetia distribution.
  2. Launch the executable of your platform:
    • Mac: Helvetia.app
    • Linux: Helvetia.app/Helvetia.sh
    • Windows: Helvetia.app/Helvetia.exe

Load the Code

  1. Download a PharoCore 1.1.2 image.
  2. Evaluate the following script:
Gofer new
   renggli: 'helvetia';
   package: 'Helvetia-Loader';


Feel free to ask questions and report bugs on the Pharo mailing-list.


Helvetia is licensed under the MIT license.


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