Hermion is an enhanced and improved IDE for Squeak Smalltalk. Hermion has two main development directions:

  • The first direction aims at enhancing the traditional Squeak system browser (ie. OmniBrowser) with plenty of useful features. This direction is referred to as OB-Enhancements, ie. enhancing and completing the traditional IDE.
  • The second direction focuses on dynamically analyzing the application being developed to use the resulting dynamic information for supporting the navigation of this application. We call this part of our project Hermion, an IDE enhanced with dynamic information.


For OB-Enhancements we provide this ready-to-use image: OB-Enhancements.zip

How to install or update OB-Enhancements manually:

  • Start with a recent squeak-dev image from Damien Cassou
  • Load latest versions of the following packages from Colin Putney’s Monticello repository at http://source.wiresong.ca/ob/ :
  • OmniBrowser
  • OB-Standard
  • OB-Morphic
  • OB-Enhancements
  • Alternatively, you can also use World -> open -> Universe Browser (Basic). Then choose ’Code Browsing’, select the latest version of ’OB-Enhancements’ and hit ’select package’ and finally ’install selection’.

This will load the latest version considered as being stable while from the Monticello repository you can also load latest development versions.



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