Nitish Patkar

I am a PhD student at SCG since March 2018. Before joining SCG I finished my masters from Universität Paderborn, and particularly I was working in the S-Lab where I did my research seminars, my masters project and my masters thesis. I wrote my master thesis under Dr. Simon Oberthür titled ’Vision Backlog’ which attempts to improve requirements elicitation process by engaging end users/clients directly into the elicitation activities.

Research Interests

In general I am interested in building software products/web or mobile applications that are usable, viable and which please its users. Having said that, I largely focus on requirements engineering, particularly requirements elicitation and goal directed design process. Apart from that, I also concentrate on software modelling. I am interesting in building software modelling tools which are usable by end user- I call it end user software modelling.

Ongoing projects

  1. Mobile Requirements Elicitation
  2. Vision-Backlog
  3. Stakeholder-friendly-Visual-scenario-builder

Proposed projects

  1. Mining StackOverflow to understand developer concerns regarding domain modelling
  2. Stakeholder friendly domain modelling

Few of my favourites

  • The design of everyday things by Don Norman. I started looking closely at things around me after reading and listening to Don Norman. It almost became a habit to check if the things around me are really usable.
  • The phoenix project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford. This book brought a lot of discipline to the way I used to work and think of my work. It talks about DevOps, about managing IT projects, managing your teams and about your priorities regarding the work.
  • How Google works by Eric Schimdt and Jonathan Rosenberg. Again there are good lessons in this book for those who are interested in Startups and managing IT projects and their work culture.
  • About face 3 by Alan Cooper. A book that advocates understanding problem domain and users of the IT products to build softwares that are usable, useful and viable. It guides the readers by explaining how it can be achieved.


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