Nitish Patkar

I am a Ph.D. student at SCG since March 2018. My work essentially involves building tools and methodology to engage several different stakeholders into requirements engineering and domain modeling activities. The central idea of my thesis is to identify different requirements formats suitable for specific stakeholders and to model those in a single tool. Eventually, such a tool will allow smooth co-evolution of different requirements artifacts and improve traceability and change impact analysis.

Ongoing projects

  1. Visual scenario builder in Pharo
  2. Survey of ‘glue‘ code in BDD tools
  3. Living User Stories

Available seminar projects

Nothing at the moment

Available bachelor/master thesis

  1. ReqIF parser and workflow editor
  2. Moldable requirements engineering platform

Finished projects

  1. Moldable scenario editor
  2. Bringing agile artifacts closer to the implementation


For any project (seminar, bachelor’s, or master’s) ideas, feel free to visit me in SCG or drop me an email.

E-Mailnitish.patkar [AT]
Phone+41 31 511 7644
Address University of Bern, Software Composition Group,
Room 206, Sch├╝tzenmattstrasse 14, CH-3012 Bern



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  1. Nitish Patkar. Vision Backlog. Masters thesis, University of Paderborn, Germany, 2018. PDF 
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