Planning a trip to University of Chile (DCC)?


The best way to move around the city is on foot or by bike. Otherwise you have the following options:


This is a card to pay for your trips on the metro and buses. While in the metro you can buy tickets on buses it is the only way to pay. You can get it and charge it at any metro station. Transantiago is the name of the public transportation system. More info and


It covers a great extension of the city (something like 6 lines). In general it is safe and clean, just try to avoid the rush hour (morning 7-9 and afternoon 18-20). More info


There is not a schedule, but there are apps that allows you to know how much you have to wait for the next bus ( More apps in Google play and the App Store.


Try to avoid them. They are well known by charging more to tourists. However, if you need to use them, be sure the driver turn on the Taximetro (the thing that counts the cost of the trip). Sometimes they don’t turn on the machine so they charge you a higher price. All taxis are black with yellow roof and orange plates. Taxis that you call by phone sometimes are in different colours (named Radiotaxis).


A cool way to go. There is an app that you can use to get a Uber Car. In the app you enter where you want to be picked up and where are you going to, the app shows you an estimate of the price and the time to get your car. You pay by credit card. It seems very safe, drivers are polite, cars very new, not too expensive... really cool. More info


The best way to travel to far cities in the south or north. LAN is a national airline which serves most cities. More info If you buy in advance you can find cheaper prices.


Almost nonexistent. However, the few ones which exist are in very well shape. You can use them to go to near cities, it is very cheap and safe (not much experience with them). There is a main train station close to the University (few metro stops) called Estacion Central.


In the campus (at least 10 years ago… hehe). You could find a canteen in -1 level of computer science building, also there another place in the main building (crossing Beauchef street) under the terrace. Food in the University is really inexpensive, not the best quality though. In the neighbourhood you will also find plenty other places.

Where to live

Close to the University (so you can move around walking)


Outside the University most people don’t speak other languages than spanish, so be prepare to speak a bit of it. However, people is very friendly and they will really try to help you anytime (you’ll see).

Mobil phone

The main companies are (ordered by quality):

Places close to the University

Parque O’higgins.

A large park with big trees and a small lake. More info'Higgins_Park

Club Hipico

A horse race track. The style of the building is very nice. More info


Small shops

In the center of Santiago, around La Moneda (the building of the government) there are many small shops, some places to buy crafts too.

Large shopping centres

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