Directions to home

How to get to the Nierstrasz Home

We live at Fluhmattweg 41 in Kehrsatz, just southwest of Bern, overlooking the Belp airport. Our postal address is:

Fluhmattweg 41
CH-3122 Kehrsatz
Telephone: +41 31 961.7065

If you don’t know where Kehrsatz is, first follow the directions to Kehrsatz, then return to the instructions below.

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How to get to our house

By now I assume you have made it to the train crossing in the centre of Kehrsatz, right next to the train station.

On foot

Follow the red path on the map.

  1. Cross the train tracks and walk up Zimmerwaldstrasse.
  2. After about 100 m, turn right at Weidliweg and walk to the end of the street.
  3. Here you will find a footpath going up the side of the hill. Walk to the top.
  4. Now you are in Fluhmattweg. Turn right and go to our house (number 41).

Warning: there are a large number of steps about halfway up the footpath. If you are pushing a pram or a bicycle, you might prefer to follow the road instead.

By car

Follow the blue path on the map.

  1. Cross the train tracks and drive up Zimmerwaldstrasse.
  2. After about 400 m, there is a small glass architects’ office and a big sign that says BREIT√ĄGERTEN. It is sooner than you might expect! Turn right into Talstrasse.
  3. After another 300 m, turn right into Gurtenstrasse.
  4. After 400 m, turn right into Fluhmattweg. Continue until you reach the Besucherparkplatz. Leave your car there. Our house is the second on your left after the visitors’ parking lot (number 41).

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