Directions to Kehrsatz

By air

By train

There are trains leaving every half hour from the Bern main station in the direction of Belp and stopping in Kehrsatz. Most trains leave around ten to or twenty past the hour.

The train takes about 15 minutes. Do not get off at Kehrsatz Nord. Get off at Kehrsatz. (The stops are: Ausserholligen, Weissenbühl, Wabern, Kehrsatz Nord and Kehrsatz.)

By car

I assume that if you live in Bern, then you already know how to get to Kehrsatz and you don’t need directions ... so I am guessing that you don’t live in Berne, and you are probably arriving by highway.

  1. Get off at the Bern/Bümpliz exit. Coming from the south, this is the first exit when you reach Bern, right after the exit for Niederwangen. Coming from the north, follow the highway in the direction of Fribourg (not Lausanne). The Bern/Bümpliz exit is the last exit before you leave the city.
  2. Follow the signs in the direction Köniz (first) and (then) Belp. You will start on Weissensteinstrasse, which will eventually turn into Seftigenstrasse.
  3. About 5 1/2 km after you leave the highway, take the exit for Kehrsatz and the Belp airport.
  4. After another 1000 m you will reach the railway crossing in the center of Kehrsatz.

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Alternative route from the South

If you are nervous about driving through Bern, instead of taking the Bern/Bümpliz exit, you can continue on the highway in the direction of Thun/Interlaken (or perhaps you are coming from that direction) and

  1. exit at Belp.
  2. Continue straight through Belp, going through about 5 roundabouts.
  3. Continue straight, passing a small gas station, and take the Kehrsatz exit.
  4. Cross the train tracks and continue straight on to a T intersection. (You will find the Brunello restaurant directly in front.). Turn left and cross the train tracks again.

Now you are ready to follow the directions to our house.

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