SDE: Software Design and Evolution

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Course:W6071 (Fall Semester 2011)
Lecturers:Oscar Nierstrasz and Mircea F. Lungu
Assistants:Jorge Ressia
Lectures:Wednesdays @ 10h15-12h00
Exercises:Wednesdays @ 12h00-13h00
Place:Engehaldestrasse 8, 003


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Real software systems continuously evolve over time. Statically‐typed programming languages, however, provide few mechanisms to enable software evolution. In this course we will explore mechanisms and techniques provided by dynamic programming languages, in particular Smalltalk, which facilitate both run‐time change, and long‐term evolution. We will also explore techniques used to analyze static models of software as well as running systems to support program comprehension, refactoring and reengineering. The course is based partly on two open‐source textbooks: Pharo by Example, and Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns.


1 21/Sep/11 Introduction to Software Design and Evolution (exercises)
2 28/Sep/11 Smalltalk: A Reflective Language and System (exercises)
3 5/Oct/11 Understanding Classes and Metaclasses (exercises)
4 12/Oct/11 Reflection and Metaprogramming (exercises)
5 19/Oct/11 Model-Driven Development / MDD in Practice (guest lecture: Lukas Renggli) (exercises)
6 26-Oct-11 Software Assessment (guest lecture: Tudor Girba)
7 2-Nov-11 Introduction to Reverse Engineering / Moose Lab (material) (solution)
8 9-Nov-11 Architectural Extraction
9 16-Nov-11 Metrics and Problem Detection (project)
10 23/Nov/11 Mining Software Repositories (material)
11 30/Nov/11 Dynamic Analysis
12 7/Dec/11 Software Ecosystems
13 14/Dec/11 Software Visualization (project evaluation material)
14 21/Dec/11 Final exam
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