ESE experiment


  • moosedevelopment 3.0.48, girba
  • mondrian 1.2.209,girba
  • mondrian paintings 1.2.116
  • CodeFoo 0.241
  • Chronia 1.164.girba.4,kuhn
  • AareTraceScraper Development 4.520.12,greevy
  • AareTraceScraperVan

Importing the CVS Log

client := ’pserver(doppelpunkt)anonymous(at)’ asURI newClient. cvsmodule := client checkoutHistoryFromFile: ’/Users/greevy/ESE/phonesim_ese2.log’ asFilename. project := ChroniaProjectBuilder new fromCvsDirectory: cvsmodule.

the model in moose will be named using the string in the cvs log file. To change the name do a replace all of the directory string to the new name.

Moose Model


Loading The Traces


run the tests in ImporterTests>OpaxTests/esephonesim3

(14 test cases)

for esephonesimese1 separate tests

Getting the cvs logs

stored in ESE/cvslogs

the cvs repositories are copied to macduffee in esetmp

the checkout command is: cvs -d ~/esetmp/ese1 co phonesim

To get the cvs log do: cvs -d ~/esetmp/ese1 log phonesim >phonesimese1.log


  • saved at /Users/greevy/ESE/phonesim-pictures

Creating teams

Create the teams by selecting the option on the traces menu

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