Seaside Notes

Loading Seaside by hand....

SqueakMap Installer

  • Left-click on the background to bring up the World Menu. Choose open and then SqueakMap Package Loader.
  • Select update map from the net from context menu in the list at the top left (The little box above the scroll bar in the first pane).
  • Select the package Seaside and choose "install" from the context menu.
  • Answer any question to load dependencies with yes ( You want to load the Kom server, scriptaculous, Comet, RSS Support).
  • Provide a username and password for the administration interface, when requested.

Starting Seaside Server

  • Evaluate WAKom startOn: 8080 (or some other port of your choice) in a Workspace.
  • Point your browser to the Seaside configuration interface at http://localhost:8080/seaside/config. The username and password you entered while loading Seaside will be required.

SQUEAK Elements

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