• Finish administration for Koreferat
  • book Brighton trip for SoftVis
  • Prepare for JF (send format for MSE) - check about presentation of tool
  • ESE Case Phone Sim case study (Working on experiment to correlate features and developers)


  • ESE Case studies (Working on experiment to correlate features and developers)
  • Piece-Wise Linear segmentation algorithm
  • DynaMoose (Mondrian Implementation)
  • DynaMoose Mondrian extensions
  • Mouse over suggestion for mondrian
  • Prepare presentation for SoftVis
  • chapter 3,4 of thesis


  • have stuck in all the papers
  • Need to generate feature relationships for both case studies (Mondrian scatterplot)
  • need to produce method views for SmallWiki
  • need to formulate the formulas for relationships
  • write about clustering technique


rewrote the parsing of the xml output for jip as previous parsing was incorrect


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