Standard Browsers included in "Christo"

  • Coverage Config
    • in case you want to specify the technology and kind of data used for collecting coverage information
  • Coverage Browser (1/2)
    • coverage browser with "quick-actions" and a 5th panel to browse tests executing the selected source-behavior
  • Partial Ordering
    • small browser to access partial order information using the relations "=>", "==", "<<"

Visualization using Mondrian for Squeak (lr-22):

  • Source Coverage
    • each box represents a "source"
    • this might be a package, a class-category, a class, a method category or a method (=everything not beeing a test)
  • Partial Ordering
    • normal tests are connected using blue lines
      • INBOUND ~ "covered by" ~ "<<"
      • OUTBOUND ~ "is covering" ~ "=>"
    • equivalent tests (behavior only) are connected with red lines
  • Test Complexity
    • each box represents a "test" (=the opposite of a source, see above)
    • color: number of source-behaviors covered by that test
    • width: number of assertion statements
    • heigth: number of codelines

Visualization using GraphViz for Squeak:

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