Smart tools/IDE

Some topics:

  • visual environment (navigation/coding)
  • code cloning
  • collaborative tools
  • history-based completion (Romain Robbes)
  • re-thinking the IDE, not center on the code editor; begin with other views?
  • orthogonal tools for selection vs analysis (allows one to select whatever data he wants to put in an analysis tool)

(nowadays tools are often monolithic)

selection mechanisms:

  • scope mechanism of Refactoring Browser - scoped impact
  • smart groups of OB - used with search
  • groups in Moose - query
  • use of annotation to tag data (false positive...)
  • degree-of-interest model

navigation mechanisms:

  • visual metaphors to navigate in code
  • daisy browser, daisy interaction (mouse movement based)

King browser:

  • empty browser which dynamically populates with classes and methods browsed (landmarks): populate-and-forget (pin down landmark)
  • dedicated browser for navigation/browsing only on the side
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