Suite 2010

2nd Intl. Workshop on Search-driven development: Users, Infrastructure, Tools and Evaluation.
Colocated with 32nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
Cape Town, South Africa, May 1st, 2010


Suite is a full day workshop.

Morning, start 09:00

  • Introduction round
  • 5 min presentation in groups of three with joint discussion session. Please prepare a 5 minute "lightening talk" presentation of your submission. For the fill list of accepted papers, please refer to the List of all Abstracts or Download all Preprints.
  • Session #1, Web-based Search
    • Bajracharya, Ossher, Lopes, "Searching API Usage Examples in Code Repositories with Sourcerer API Search"
    • Gysin, Kuhn, "A Trustability Metric for Code Search based on Developer Karma"
    • Janjic, Hummel, Atkinson, "More Archetypal Usage Scenarios for Software Search Engines"
    • Joint discussion…
  • Session #2, IDE-bound Search
    • Bachelli, Lanza, Humpa, "Towards Integrating E-Mail Communication in the IDE"
    • Kuhn, "Immediate Search in the IDE as an Example of Socio-Technical Congruence in Search-Driven Development"
    • Panchenko, Treffer, Zeier, "Towards Query Formulation and Visualization of Structural Search Results"
    • Joint discussion…
  • Session #3, Behavioral & Dynamic Approaches
    • Ghezzi, Mocci, "Behavior Model Based Component Search: An Initial Assessment"
    • Holmes, Notkin, "Enhancing Static Source Code Search With Dynamic Data"
    • Latoza, Myers, "Searching Across Paths"
    • Joint discussion…
  • Session #4, Ontologies && Evaluation
    • Hummel, "Facilitating the Comparison of Software Retrieval Systems through a Reference Reuse Collection"
    • Paar, "Searching and Using External Types in an Extensible Software Development Environment"
    • Wursch, Reif, Demeyer, Gall, "Fostering Synergies – How Semantic Web Technology could influence Software Repositories"
    • Joint discussion…
  • Wrap-up and collecting topics of interest

Lunchbreak, about 12:30—14:00


  • split up into discussion groups
  • work in groups
  • meet to summarize group discussions
  • wrap up

And then, workshop dinner…

See ya all in Cape Town!

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