Trait-based Language International Workshop

Welcome to the wiki of the first international Workshop on trait-based languages

Microsoft research accepted a project on Traits. The idea is to evaluate how traits can be implemented on the rotor system. Other people are working on traits for typed languages and we released a complete new implementation of the traits for Squeak. Finally some of you are working about new component model extending traits. In this context we would like to take to opportunity to gather together people that work or have interest in traits.

We envision a workshop with limited presentations around the following three axes:

  • Traits in typed languages: Experiences and envisioned problems
  • New Models on top of or extending traits: Some of you are working on extending traits to build components models
  • Traits: new generation (Limits of the current model and thoughts of a new model)

The goal of the workshop is to exchange experiences, initiate future collaborations (join articles) and future project collaborations. To help us organise the workshop we need from you the following information: Who is coming, when are you coming/leaving, do you need an hotel room, what is the discussion topics you would like to have, can you do a small (10min) presentation of your ideas/experiences

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