Discussion Topics

Topics for the Trait-based Language International Workshop

Feel free to edit this page to add your wishes and discussion topics

For now we could have the following SHORT reports and followup discussion

Start at: 9h30

  • Traits in typed languages: Experiences and envisioned problems
    • Philip: presenting his experience with Java
    • Oscar: Featherweight Traits
    • Martin: Traits in Scala

11h00 Coffee Break 11h30

  • New Models on top of or extending traits: Some of you are working on extending traits to build components models
    • Jacques: about traits and components
    • Pierre: aspects & traits

13h00 Lunch 14h00

  • Traits: new generation (Limits of the current model and thoughts of a new model)
    • Adrian: a word on the new implementation
    • Nathanael: encapsulation and traits in the quest of state in traits
    • Roel: Traits in languages for embedded devices

15h30 Coffee Break 16h00

  • Discussions
    • Traits Browser
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