Submission Rules

Position Paper Rules

  • Be standard. There exists a lot of work on re-engineering, which may give rise to some terminology conflicts. We encourage people to use the re-engineering taxonomy defined in Reverse Engineering and Design Recovery : A Taxonomy by E.J. Chikofsky and J.H. Cross II — IEEE Software, January 1990. Check for an online summary.
  • Be electronic. Submit your position paper in HTML, postcript or PDF (preferably), so that we can collect all of the submissions on a web-site. A separate abstract including the e-mail addresses of the authors and URL’s of their home pages MUST be submitted in HTML. You can find a templatehere. Submit everything by e-mail to roel.wuyts and to Bart.Dubois.
  • Be short. Propose only one idea. We all know that you are a quality researcher with plenty of good ideas. Only, we have limited resources and we must focus. Please keep all position papers under five pages. A workshop reader will be perhaps organized this year again.
  • Be innovative. Propose some recent idea that still has some unfinished sides to it. It is supposed to be a WORKshop, not a mini-conference.
  • Be a rebel. Neglect these guidelines if you feel that your idea needs a special treatment in some way.
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