Tempative Programme


This page presents the temptative programme for the workshop. Depending on the exact timings of Ecoop facilities (exact hours of coffee breaks etc.), some slight changes will be possible. What will not change, however, is the duration of the presentations. Some things that need to be taken into account by participants:

  • a presentation of 30 minutes corresponds to 20 minutes of slides followed by 10 minutes of discussion.
  • 20 minutes of presentation = 15 minutes slides + 5 for questions
  • a presentation of 15 minutes corresponds to 10 minutes of slides and 5 minutes of disccussion.
  • 20 minutes of slides corresponds to about 13 slides (including title slide etc.). Likewise, 15 minutes of slides is about 10 slides, and 10 minutes of slides corresponds to about 7 slides.
  • We will strongly enforce the maximum durations so as to be fair for everybody.
  • The two last items are not presentations with a projector, but simple position statements without slides.
  • We strongly encourage everybody to read all the position papers of the other participants, or at least to glance over them. This will facilitate the workshop and be more fruitful for all of us. The submissions can be found on The Submission Page
  • We will have a computer availble that can be used for presentations (Macintosh Powerbook with Powerpoint, Keynote and pdf viewer. No floppy drive). We prefer to use that computer and not have to switch all the time, so if possible bring your presentation on a USB stick (we’ll also have one there), or mail it beforehand.
  • Try to think about the afternoon topics you would like to discuss.


09:00 -> 09:15: Welcome and Introduction

09:15 -> 10:30: Presentations

Topic 1: Metrics

Visualizing and Characterizing the Evolution of Class Hierarchies (presentation, 20 minutes) Analyzing large event traces with the help of a coupling metrics (presentation, 20 minutes) Opportunities and challenges in deriving metric impacts from refactoring postconditions (presentation, 20 minutes)

Topic 2: Program understanding

Reverse Engineering Aspectual Views using Formal Concept Analysis (presentation, 30 minutes) Logic and Trace-based Object-Oriented Application Testing (presentation, 15 minutes)

10:30 -> 11:00: Coffee Break

11:00 -> 12:00: Presentations

Topic 3: Various

Automatic renovation of Java programs using ReRAGs (presentation, 30 minutes) Constructing a Project Model and a Metadata Model for Experience Extraction (presentation, 15 minutes) Isabel Michiels (position statement, 5 minutes) Jonne Itkonen (position statement, 5 minutes)

12:00 -> 12:30: Preparing Discussions for afternoon (deciding topics and groups)

12:30 -> 13:30: Lunch

13:30 -> 15:00: Discussions 1

15:00 -> 15:30: Coffee Break

15:30 -> 16:15: Discussions 2

16:15 -> 17:15: Discussion results and Conclusion

17:15: End

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