Workshop participants

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  1. Neil Walkinshaw (, Marc Roper, Murray Wood.
    Extracting User-Level Functions from Object-Oriented Code
  2. Michael Pacione
    VANESSA: Visualisation Abstraction NEtwork for Software Systems Analysis
    (paper only available to the workshop organizers for internal purposes)
  3. Andy Zaidman + Serge Demeyer
    *Mining ArgoUML with Dynamic Analysis to Establish a Set of Key Classes for Program Comprehension*
  4. Orla Greevy
    Characterizing the Functional Roles of Classes and Methods by Analyzing Feature Traces
  5. Danny Dig (co-authors : Can Comertoglu, Darko Marinov, Ralph Johnson)
    Automatic Detection of Refactorings for Libraries and Frameworks
  6. Raúl Marticorena ( + Carlos López ( + Yania Crespo
  7. Yann-Gaël + Tewfik Ziadi
    *Automated Reverse-engineering of UML v2.0 Dynamic Models*
  8. Naouel Moha + Yann-Gaël Gueheneuc
    *On the Automatic Detection and Correction of Software Architectural Defects in Object-Oriented Designs*
  9. Nuno Flores + Ademar Aguiar (**)
    *JFREEDOM: a Reverse Engineering Tool to Recover Framework Design*
  10. D. Janakiram + Jalagam Rajesh
    *Design Patterns Induction from Multiple Versions of Software*
  11. Christian Lange (
    no paper submitted
  12. Kim Mens + Roel wuyts + Serge Demeyer + Stéphane Ducasse
    Workshop organizers
  13. Oscar Nierstrasz
  14. Bart Du Bois
  15. Steven kelly (
  16. Robert Bialek (
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