Q How can I adjust the width of a figure width to the column width?
Q How do I make a figure span two columns?
A Use \begin{figure*}_
Q How do I place two figures side by side?
A Make one figure environment containing two minipages, each with its own caption.

Example: Squeak by Example, Environment chapter


Q How do I ensure proper capitalization of proper nouns in bibtex references?
A Enclose the whole word in curly braces: {LaTeX}

NB: Don’t put individual letters in curly braces, as this will make it impossible to search for that word.


Q How do I make table entries span two or more columns?
A \multicolumn{2}{l}{text}


Q How can I make a custom autoref?
A \hyperref[app:mse]{Appendix~\ref{app:mse}}
Q How to change the default autorefs?
Q How do I turn off the ugly boxes around hyperref links?
A Explicitly set the colors. You can use black too:
Q How do I fix the error Package hyperref Warning: bookmark level for unknown ... defaults to 0.?
A Remove the \and from author list and use commas instead.

Source Code

Q How can I prepare source code listings?
A \usepackage{listings}

See also

    columns= fullflexible


For Smalltalk code, use st80.tex. Demo usage: st80demo.tex

Q Verbatim sucks — no commands allowed. What alternatives are there?
A \usepackage{alltt}


Q How to do bold teletype?
A \usepackage{bold-extra}
Q How do I strikethrough text?
A \usepackage[normalem]{ulem}

This package also gives you uline{underlined} and uwave{wavy}. See also the markup macros in scgPaper.tex

Special characters

Q How can I use 8-bit characters directly in my LaTeX document?
A On a mac, usepackage[mac]{inputenc}

NB: This will make your document unusable on other platforms.

Q How do I get guillemets?
A \usepackage[francais,english]{babel}

This makes guillemets accessible as \flqq and \frqq while making the default language English.

Q How do I print a backslash without going into math mode?
A Use \textbackslash
Q How do I encode other special characters?
A Check out the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List
Q How do I find the magical incantation for a special character?
A Try Detexify


Q How do I control paragraph indentation?
A \setlength{parindent}{0pt}
Q How do I reduce line spacing within lists?
A \setlength{\itemsep}{0pt} within the list

Alternatively, use the paralist package.

Q How can I control double spacing?
A \def\baselinestretch{1.4}



See also:

Q How do I make sure a block of text is not broken over a page break?
A \usepackage{needspace}

Section heading

Q How do I rename the "References" section?
A \defrefname{Selected publications}


Q How do I start numbering an enumeration from a number other than 1?
A \setcounter{enumi}{5} within the list
Q How do I set the page counter?
A \setcounter{page}{1}
Q How do I turn on page numbering for IEEE style?
A \pagestyle{plain}
Q How do I turn on page numbering for ACM SIGPLAN style?
A \documentclass[10pt,preprint]{sigplanconf}
Q How do I turn on page numbering for ACM proceedings style? (acm_proc_article-sp)

\documentclass[preprint]{acm_proc_article-sp} %Remove preprint for camera-ready
\pagenumbering{arabic} % Remove for camera-ready

Special output

Q How do I use LaTeX to generate slides?
A Use
Q How do I add a title footnote with LNCS style?
A Use \thanks{}, not \footnote{}
Q How do I generate PDF with quotes that can be copied and pasted into Squeak/Pharo?
A \usepackage{upquote}

This will changes all quotes to be straight.

Q How to install the latest version of PGF/TikZ?
A Make sure that you have the latest TeXLive installation and that all packages are up to date. Locate the URL of the latest PGF build at Then execute the following commands in a root shell:
 mkdir /usr/local/texlive/2009/texmf/tex/generic/pgf-2.00-cvs
 cd /usr/local/texlive/2009/texmf/tex/generic/pgf-2.00-cvs
 curl --proxy $URL -o

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