Mailman FAQ

Q Which options are most important to configure?
General options>Prefix
General options>Description
General options>Send welcome message ...
General options>Send goodbye message ...
General options>Maximum length
General options>Should administrator get notices of subscribes
Non-digest options>Footer
Archiving Options>Archive messages
Archiving Options>public or private
Privacy options...>Sender filters>moderate member postings
Privacy options...>Sender filters>action for non-member postings
Privacy options...>Subscription rules>What steps are required for subscription?
Privacy options...>Spam filters>Spam Filter Rule 1 -- X-Spam-Flag: YES

Q How do you set the reply-to field?
A General options>Reply-to

Q Where do you configure the standard footer?
A Digest options

Q How do I get rid of "Message has implicit destination" warnings?
A Configure Privacy-option>Recipient filters

(Either set "Must posts ..." to "no", or add the ok CC aliases.)

Q How do I get spam to be automatically discarded?
A Privacy Options>Spam Filters

Set a Spam Filter Rule to match "X-Spam-Flag: YES" and Discard

Q What can I do about a "Too many recipients to the message" error?
A Privacy options>Recipient filters

Set Ceiling on acceptable number of recipients for a posting to a higher value.

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