Seaside FAQ

Q How do I install seaside from scratch?
A Start the SqueakMap browser.
  • Update map from the net
  • Install seaside (2.8a)
  • Ignore warnings
  • Say "yes" to "Install KOM server?"
  • Pick (say) admin/seaside for server login and password. Now you probably have an old version of seaside loaded
  • Open Monticello browser
  • Create new repository for
  • Open and load the latest version of seaside
  • Start the websever by evaluating:
WAKom startOn: 8080
  • Point your browser to

Q How do I change the admin login/password?
A WADispatcherEditor initialize

Q How do I disable the toolbar?
A Set deployment=true in the config application

Last changed by admin on 21 April 2009