Author Pages

Author Pages

Fixed queries should suffice for most needs. To generate a personal publication list, however, a naive query may also return papers authored by other people appearing in a volume edited by the person in question. An author query will return just those entries for papers authored by that person, plus entries for volumes edited by that person, but with no author field. To achieve this, the query field is first used to retrieve all candidate entries. Then a second regex parameter is used to match exactly the author field or the editor field without authors.


For example:




  1. Walter Olthoff (Ed.). Proceedings of the ECOOP'95 European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, LNCS 952, Springer-Verlag, 1995. 

Refereed Papers in International Journals

  1. Walther Olthoff and James Kempf. An Algebraic Specification of Method Combination for the Common Lisp Object System. In Lisp and Symbolic Computation 2(2) p. 115—152, June 1989. 

Refereed Papers in International Conferences

  1. Peter S. Canning, William Cook, Walter L. Hill, John C. Mitchell, and Walter G. Olthoff. F-Bounded Polymorphism for Object-Oriented Programming. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Functional Programming and Computer Architecture, p. 273—280, September 1989. URL 
  2. Peter S. Canning, William Cook, Walter L. Hill, and Walter G. Olthoff. Interfaces for Strongly-Typed Object-Oriented Programming. In Proceedings OOPSLA '89, ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 24 p. 457—468, October 1989. 
  3. Walter G. Olthoff. Augmentation of Object-Oriented Programming by Concepts of Abstract Data Type Theory: The ModPascal Experience. In Proceedings OOPSLA '86, ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 21 p. 429—443, November 1986. 
In this case the query and the author regex are the same, but they need not be. You may also create a dedicated component of type Author Page and configure it as you like. See, for example: Oscar Nierstrasz — Publications.

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