Link to an entry

Link to an entry

You can link to an scg bib entry by copying the base url of a query result from the SCG Bibliography. You can remove the Seaside session gunk if you want, but it is not necessary. For example:

*Traits theses>*

yields: Traits theses

Within the scg pier, you can also remove the http://... stuff, but then you must use wiki notation for the parameters, as follows:

*Traits theses>/scgbib|query=traits thesis*

yields: Traits theses

Various parameters can be configured. The query field may be either a set of keywords that must be present, or a regular expression. (The query engine makes an educated guess which it is, and reverts to keywords if the supposed regex does not compile.) Note that regexes are slower than to match than keywords. The following parameters can be set:



*Traits theses bibtex>/scgbib|query=traits thesis|display=bibtex|hideControls=true*

Traits theses bibtex

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