How to be an assistant for a lecture



  • Lecture material
    • Estimate the number of students
    • Get slides from Oscar
    • Prepare the lecture’s web site (lectures and assignments should be available on the web site)
    • Register for ILIAS for bachelor courses, and for Academia for master courses
      • Make sure you have a university account. This is the account that you use for your student email address. (The strange mix of letters and numbers you receive from the university when you pay your tuition.)
      • Ask Thomas Studer to give this university account administration rights for the course on ILIAS/Academia.
  • Hilfsassistants
    • Discuss the number of hilfsassistant with Oscar (usually two hilfassistants for bachelor courses, and one for master courses, but it depends from the number of the students)
    • Find the Hilfsassistants
    • Ask Iris to coordinate the employment
    • Go to Bettina Choffat, she is responsible for the employment of hilfsassistants for bachelor courses, or to Iris Keller for master courses
  • Set up mailing list for students, and if needed for staff:

Preparation for the first lecture

  • "Exercise rules" sheet for all students
  • Feedback form sheet for all the students (you should check with Oscar whether the course will be evaluated by University; if not, you should set the feedback form)
    • Please find examples for the questionnaire below
    • During the beginning of the lecture distribute the questionnaire (evaluation form) and make sure to collect them in the last lecture. Take additional questionnaires to the exam.
  • Prepare list/web-app where students have to register with their name, matrikelnumber and email
    • You can also get this list from ILIAS/Academia if you ask the student to register for the lecture
  • Remind the students to register to the mailing list
  • Remind the students to register to ILIAS/Academia
  • Mail the list of students to Oscar


  • Enter the exam details in ILIAS/Academia
  • Prepare the exam, note the regulations I.e., the time for the exam is limited to 30-180 minutes.
  • Let the Hilfsassistants solve it to see if the time and difficulty is ok
  • Give it to Oscar and discuss it with him
  • Print two sheets "Bitte Ruhe, Prüfung" for the lecture hall doors
  • Get envelops for the exams from the "Materialschrank" in Schützenmattstrasse 10.
  • Print out the list of students taking the exam from ILIAS/Academia and verify that they have fulfilled the requirements to take part in the exam.
  • Bring extra empty sheets of paper in case someone didn’t bring enough.
  • During the exam, walk around with the list of student names and verify the identity of the students using their student card.
  • Idea: give a point for filling in everything (and add name to all pages).
  • Ensure students hand up all the pages of the exam.
  • Count all exams before leaving the exam room.

After the exam

  • Correct the exam, enter grades into a spreadsheet and discuss the results with Oscar
    • UML: Give negative points (set up in advance) for features that are not visible in the diagram of the student.
  • Enter the results in ILIAS/Academia
  • Enter results of the questionnaires into a spreadsheet for statistics (get this from Oscar if you don’t have the latest version for your course) and mail it to Oscar
  • Fill in the HA-Blatt for each Hilfsassistant (you should get this form from Bettina Choffat for bachelor course or to Iris Keller for master course)

Repeat exams

  • Exam is limited to 30-40 minutes
  • Prepare questions for the examination.
    • The exam is taken by both the assistant and Oscar.
    • The assistant starts asking questions.
  • Enter the results in ILIAS/Academia
  • Send results to the Sekretariat Prüfungsleitung
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