How to install Parallels and Windows on Mac

Many thanks to Markus for his help and patience, without him Paralles would not run on my machine (and you would not have this howto) — akuhn, january 2007

Installing Parallels

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the trial version of ’Parallels Desktop for Mac’ (Build 1970 this was for me)
  3. Skip step 1, as we have a registration key
  4. Download the DMG package
  5. Run the installer
  6. The activation key is in
  7. Break Parallels installation and get a copy of windows.
  8. Go to (not )
  9. Log in with your uni account
  10. You will get a key for windows XP there buying the free product
  11. The windows ISO is in afp://
  12. Burn a bootable disk image from the ISO using the Disk Utility application
  13. Finish with Parallels installation
  14. Be patience while Windows is installing
  15. Shut down windows, power off the virtual machine
  16. Change memory to some larger amount
  17. Start virtual machine and windows
  18. Go to
  19. Download and register the ’FREE Avast! 4 Home Edition’
  20. Restart windows

...and there you are!

Remark: on restarting for the first Parallels bothers you with registration, just ignore, registration is not the same as activation and you are activated.

NB: In the latest version of Parallels (unlike previous versions), if you follow the above procedure, Parallels Tools are automatically installed during Windows installation.

Add a windows user

  1. Go to Preferences and add a user
  2. Run ’control userpasswords2’ and turn on the logon screen
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