How to replicate from Store to Store

  1. Put both accounts in the Store favorite list (e.g. "user at scg" and "user at cincom")
  2. Connect to the Cincom Public Store
  3. Load StoreForGlorpVWUI package
  4. Go to Store/Replicate
  5. In the window choose the Source database (e.g. "user at scg") and the Target database (e.g. "user at cincom")
  6. Choose the "Preferred" bundle/package from the Source list
  7. Press the ">>" button
  8. Wait until the "Preferred" bundle/package disappeared from the list on the right


  • If you do not want to replicate the entire history, unselect the Replicate Recurtsively checkbox (just above the red button on the bottom right)
  • If you do not see the wanted bundle/package on the left, you should try unselecting the "Published in the last days" or "Published By" checkbox
  • If you want to fix the blessing level of already replicated versions, check the "Fix Existing Versions" in the Options menu
Last changed by admin on 21 April 2009