Parsing F# with Petit Parser

The goal of this project is to implement F# grammar in Petit Parser. F# is an indentation sensitive language. It means that the spaces and tabulators matters and might change syntax of a program. Petit Parser is a Parsing Expression Grammar based framework which was recently extended with support for indentation sensitive languages.

In this work a student:

  • is supposed to implement F# grammar in Petit Parser,
  • parse significant amount of F# sources as a validation of an implementation and
  • measure the performance of indentation sensitive features.

The project is currently assigned as a bachelors project.

Contact: Jan Kurš or Milan Kubicek


Project introduction

Project results


PetitParser F# grammar and parser on SmallTalk Hub

F# code to get the untyped AST nodes textually encoded from the F# open edition compiler on GitHub

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