API Evolution Mining Service

Project Idea

API Evolution Miner si an existing tool that mines a project history to detect API changes. This tool is also capable of producing static analyzer rules that detect an old API usage in source code and provide a possibility to automatically change it to the new one.

Although the tool was proven to work well it was never used for two reasons:

  1. At the time when it was developed Pharo didn’t have a nice UI for reporting critics generated by the rules.
  2. You had to setup API Evolution Miner by yourself and manually recover the rules.

While the first issue is currently mitigated by QualityAssistant, the second one still persists.

The goal of this project is to create a continuous integration service that will allow to easily register your projects and will provide rules to you in a semi-intrusive way when they are ready.


Yuriy Tymchuk and Claudio Corrodi

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